In the same way that Sitecore is my favourite paid for CMS, WordPress is absolutely my favourite open source product. It’s user interface is simplicity itself and anyone can install it. The biggest selling point has to be the wealth of plugins and themes meaning there’s almost certainly something out there which someone has already developed what you want. Literally from security to SEO – it’s already been built.

This essentially means if you’ve got a simple site to get live quick and a limited budget, it’s got to be WordPress.

Developers tell me they hate working on WordPress, but I think this is when they’re extending it or get asked to modify a plugin. A word to the wise, avoid doing either unless it’s just CSS or you’ve not let the client have access to all the CMS elements. This is because any updates (and there’s usually a lot of them) will overwrite the development changes. Or even worse they don’t and you’re left with a known security flaw people could exploit.

All that said, I’ve managed to get a WordPress site from completely new design sign off live in 3 working days and I’ve never had any complaints from clients.

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