Some films thrill and delight you; they move through your veins like hot coffee on a cold morning. Others are a load of soppy bollocks and unfortunately, the latter applies to “Where The Crawdads Sing“.

I’m trying to conceive the demographic who have given this film such a high rating on IMDB. At the time of writing, this is a heady 7.1.  Maybe the book was fantastic. Maybe something was lost to the rest of us. Maybe. Maybe. To be honest, it was just boring. I kept on waiting for something special to happen. The big reveal at the end wasn’t such a big reveal.

And where did she learn to do make-up so well? TikTok? And the flawless foundation… and living in a ‘murky swap’ for 30 years and her teeth are like a Hollywood Actress. It’s just utter rubbish. Along with the CGI birds. Urgh. Literally, none of the characters in this film were interesting.

The only decent bit of acting was from David Straitham.

I was so glad I managed to watch Where the Crawdads sing for free.

Want a good film? I’d head for ’71 with Jack O’Connell. This has what’s known as a storyline.