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Sylvensteinsee Damm

Wasp Racing & Cable Cars

September 2022

Over breakfast, we discussed if we were going to head up the amusingly names Wankhaus cable car, but given the price decided against it. Instead, we headed out and found a private road around Lake Walchensee and carried on through the German countryside to the Sylvensteinsee Damm where we met up with one of the other chaps on the tour, Lawrence.

Lawrence’s classic car had had a mishap before coming on the tour, so he’d had to opt for the modern comfort of a new Mini, but we didn’t hold this against him.

Herzogliches Gasthaus Altes Bad Restaurant

Somehow we ended up at the Herzogliches Gasthaus Altes Bad. An alpine restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Initially, we thought we were heading into someone’s house, but it turned out to be a friendly place with suntrap seating outside.

We managed to get a seat just in time before the lunch rush and watched as a large queue of hungry hikers rapidly built up.

Chips, some weird cold potato salad, and chicken schnitzel, were ordered. While we waited, we observed a bunch of angry wasps race up and down the table, competing to get into M’s 7-Up. If they did he drank them down without so much of a murmur.

We chatted, munched, drank and watched a helicopter do a thing on a mountain for an hour or so then decided to carry on. The narrow road back to the main road was now full of school kids, who whooped and gave us the thumbs up as the T350 and Cerbera rumbled past, followed by Lawernce’s Mini.

Half an hours worth of twisty German roads later, the view opened up into a valley, a group of 911’s shot past, and we happened upon the Sylvensteinsee Damm.

The Sylvensteinsee Damm isn’t massive or of any significant piece of engineering, but it is a great place to pull up and park and check out all the other cars and bikes that have had the same idea.

And here’s the craic. After deciding the Wankhaus was too expensive, we checked out a more expensive cablecar with a less amusing name, the Wallbergbahn. After grumbling about this to anyone who’d listen (no one as it turned out) we jumped in the cable car and headed up the mountain.

Wallbergbahn Cable Car

The Wallbergbahn to be fair was great. There’s a large cafe on the top, selling the usual waffles and coffee. It’s got great views, and there’s even a few people throwing themselves off the mountain. And by that, I mean paragliders, which I watched for a bit.

We wandered about for a while and then headed back. J and D getting into a car with a young blonde. Breaking news at the bottom, she’d not heard of chitty chitty bang bang either.

One thing we did discover though was the European ANPRs aren’t set up to read UK-based number plates, so we exited the car park without paying (or more accurately we tried to pay, but the machine didn’t recognise the cars as even being in there).

The journey to the hotel (Das Falkenstein) as a passenger was very pleasant, across rolling fields, through small villages and up valleys. The Cerb had started to make an odd noise at the back and on arriving at the hotel D whipped the wheel off to check it. Turns out the brake had had some grit in it, so no massive issues.

Das Falkenstein Hotel Germany

We parked up next to all the other cars on the grass, hopeful it didn’t rain overnight and headed out to get food in the local town.

Das Falkenstein Hotel Germany TVR lineup at the hotel

Unfortunately, everyone else had done the same, and after five attempts and different restaurants, we ended up at a kebab house.

Tomorrow was the main event, heading to the Eagles Nest, so I headed to bed early while the boys went to the pub.


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