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I get asked a lot of questions on social media and the blog, and when I’m talking about the TVR Tour and what we did. What I’ve tried to do is pull together a list of the most popular and answer them here. If you’ve got any more questions, then just use the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll get back to you.

We took the TVR Cerbera and the TVR T350. The former is very much a Grand Tourer, the latter is a lot more sporty. Both got a lot of attention!

In our group, there were two groups of two. But we were part of a much larger group of people. There were about 12 cars in total. Two of which weren’t even TVRs. One was a Mustang 5.0 and the other a mini.

Our cars didn’t break down at all. Though we did run out of fuel in the Cerbera as we approached the Nurburgring. The Cerbera also had a rattle as we made our way across the Alps, but this didn’t seem to get any worse or cause any issues. One car hit a central reservation (with some cosmetic damage) and another did need a spot of welding. But no major breakdowns.

The Cerbera. The T350 was fun, and probably great for short journies nipping to North Wales and around the local area. But the Cerbera just appealed to me, taking in the miles in the Alps confirmed this.

Of course. It’s taken quite a while to get the blog right – nearly as much time as writing the thing has gone into the layout. If you’re using it on a desktop or mobile it should work just fine. It’s also pretty much 100% SEO compliant, so Google loves me.

Yes, the article went into issue 570 / June 2023 and we made the front cover (the photo of the cars on the Rossfeld Panorama Strasse).

Technically the article was finished before the blog, but the blog was started before the article.

The most important thing is preparation. As we travelled about, I wrote notes when anything interesting happened.

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