We took the TVR T350 to a track day in Liverpool got a few videos of her.

TVR T350 Video

Here’s a quick walk around of the TVR T350 at the Grand Prix Circuit in Aintree Liverpool.

Kids were walking past all the other cars, not that interested and when they found the TVR T350 they got excited and started to point. TVR were always at the forefront of design, making their cars look so modern. Getting in the T350 was also a challenge – check out the fact there’s no door handles.

TVR T350 on Racetrack

The TVR T350 performs well on the racetrack too. Each session was ten minutes long which meant you got about 6 laps in – which was enough as the brakes start to warm up. Hit around 114mph on the straight.

The TVR T350

I just love the images the GoPro gives me. Another one of the TVR T350. Fibreglass body covering steel tubing. They just look amazing though. A child walked past all the other cars and came to the TVR T350 and just said “Wow look at that dad”!

TVR T350
TVR T350

Hi-Res Image of TVR T350

I’ve included a hi res image of the T350 in profile while on the track day.

TVR T350 Hi Res Image
Hi-Res Image of the TVR T350