TVR Sprint Magazine

TVR Sprint Magazine

June 2023

It’s great that all the hard work for the TVR Tour and the Eagles Nest paid of and we’re in the June 2023 edition of TVR Sprint Magazine.

Sprint Magazine TVR

When we booked the trip at the end of 2021 I couldn’t have imagined the miles, sights and sheer amount of writing I’d get through in 2022. It’s been fun right the way through and even in 2023 it feels that little bit better seeing your photos and words in print rather than just online (which anyone can do).

I should probably acknowledge a few people, to be honest. Dave for providing the cars, Ben Coombs for organising the trip and Mark and John for not only doing most of the driving but putting up with me wanting to take photos every 10 minutes – something they’re unlikely to have had to put up with on family holidays.

Unleash Your Petrolhead Spirit with the TVR Car Club and TVR Sprint Magazine

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of British sports cars with the TVR Car Club. This prestigious association brings together a vibrant community of petrolheads, classic car enthusiasts, and, most importantly, TVR owners, in a camaraderie that extends far beyond the love for these beautifully crafted machines.

As a brand, TVR is synonymous with performance, elegance, and British engineering at its best. The TVR Car Club encapsulates these qualities, offering its members a platform to share their stories, explore exclusive events, and even gain some hands-on mechanical advice. The heart of it all? The Club’s treasured TVR Sprint Magazine.

TVR Sprint Magazine: Your Window to the TVR World

TVR Sprint Magazine is a vibrant, highly engaging publication – a treat for every car enthusiast. It is the Club’s flagship communication tool, filled to the brim with riveting stories, insightful interviews, technical tips, and much more.

The magazine’s appeal extends far beyond the members of the Club. Its pages host a wealth of information that would delight anyone interested in British motor heritage, from feature articles on classic models and restoration stories to news about the latest TVR advancements. For TVR owners, it’s a veritable treasure trove of practical advice, allowing them to get the best from their prized vehicles.

TVR Sprint Magazine breathes life into the TVR community, and the love for these magnificent machines seeps through every page, making every reader feel like they’re part of the club.

Why Join the Club?

Membership to the TVR Car Club provides an array of benefits. From access to local, national, and international events to exclusive discounts on parts, services, and insurance – there’s a whole host of reasons why joining the club is a must for any TVR enthusiast.

But most importantly, subscribing to the TVR Car Club gives you the ticket to receive TVR Sprint Magazine right at your doorstep. Trust us when we say, this gem of a magazine is worth every penny and is certain to ignite your passion for these British marvels anew each month.

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