To see the full list of films I have watched click here. Okay there’s 10 now.. phew. Order restored.

I. Aliens

I think to be honest – this image says it all.

Classic Aliens Scene – Let’s rock!

II. Cashback

III. The Dark Knight

IV. Inception

What screenshot to use for Inception? It spans so many ideas and places and in that way, it’s certainly unique. It’s a Christoper Nolan film and is beautifully shot with a soundtrack by the legendary Hanz Zimmer.

Inception – they did a lot of architectural rendering

V. Limitless

Limitless – De Niro and Cooper having a chin wag.

VI. Oldboy (2003)

VII. The Prestige

VIII. The Road
This is the saddest film I have ever seen. A journey through one mans terror at the end of the world and the hope he has for his sons future. At times pretty gross and others funny, you’ll be locked to the screen watching this as the story unfolds. And don’t expect any answers about just “what happened”, you’ll not get any. Accept that this is the situation and move from. Interesting, Viggo Mortensen also plays the self-sufficient father in Captain Fantastic. Avoid watching the trailer – it cannot and does not show the emotion in this film.

IX. Starship Troopers
A throwback to my University days – this film although cheesy has some interesting political notions about the outcomes of war and why society holds it as a necessary evil. It’s also got some great scenes, monsters and action – all of which have aged pretty good. I would absolutely say this is a blokey film, but sometimes it’s just what you need to kick back and relax.

X. Into The Wild
Where to start with this film? Okay let’s start with the fact that I am not a fan in any way of “Sean Penn” – I’ve never seen anything in I liked, and his personal life has always seemed a little media orientated. This film however sits diametrically opposed to that bias. It’s beautifully produced, acted and polished. I didn’t realise it was a true story and each player adds a little magic to that story. I’ll not spoil it for you – but it’s proof that you don’t need expensive CGI to make a film that will stay with you forever. And yes, the soundtrack is mainly Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder – “Hard Sun”, mind blown.