Broken Down TVR Cerbera

TVR Cerbera

Nurburgring, Germany

The Sick Cerbera

August 2022

The Cerbera was sat brooding in the late afternoon drizzle when we finally traipsed out of the Devil’s Diner, its shiny ‘ocean mist’ paint job beading the rain in intricate, chaotic patterns. We had to dodge the steady stream of cars still coming into the Nurburgring car park as we crossed the main road where the Cerb had, had a wobble and into the grassy expanse beyond.

The caffeine from our drinks and the adrenaline from the Hyundai Experience were fading, and the realisation that one of the cars (the one that could actually fit us all in) was broken had started to dawn on us.

D opened the bonnet, and J and M got to work discussing with Ben what could possibly be wrong. Was it something misfiring? Was the cable to the accelerator bust somehow? Was it linked to the electronics, as the cigarette lighter had stopped working? Maybe a bunch of fuses had gone?

The ideas came thick and fast until someone said. “Have we run out of fuel”?

Porsche 911 Nurburgring When the Rain Stopped

And that was that mystery solved. We’d not put enough fuel in the thirsty girl to get her to the Nurburgring. Or more accurately we had put enough fuel in to get the car to the hill by the car-park, whereupon the fuel shifted and the engine became starved for a moment or two – hence the juddery approach. Back on flat ground, the fuel had started to return in dribs and drabs to the cylinders and caused the backfire.

Rain Beading on the Ocean Mist Painwork on the TVR Cerbera

Embarrassed high fives all around were followed by a quick trip to the petrol station thanks to Bens Volvo to get a can of 4-star and we could be on our way to the last stop of the tour. The rain had cleared now, swept away by a cool breeze, and small clouds were forming over the copses of trees dotted about in the distance. As we started up the engines, the usual crowd of onlookers materialised; I didn’t feel sad at leaving the Nurburgring. I knew I’d be back.

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