Red Bull Hanger


Red Bull

The Red Bull Hanger

September 2022

We were making good time to the next hotel and decided to stop at the Red Bull Hangar 7.

Before going in, though, we ended up at the attached cafe. The place had an upbeat vibe, dance music and eye-wincingly young and trendy staff – at best, it was like an 18-30 Ibiza Beach party. I felt out of place until I spotted one of our fellow TVR group who owned a Tuscan nicknamed the coffee bean, merrily tucking into their food.

Once we’d had our fill of caffeinated fizzy drinks and burgers, we headed to the Red Bull Hangar, an elliptical glass dome filled with $100 million worth of Formula 1 cars, planes and helicopters. It was free to enter, spotless and utterly devoid of anyone else.

Our sustenance and engineering satiety satisfied, we headed to the next hotel in Nuremberg, ready for an early night and our next day’s travels like good children. That’s a lie; we jumped on the train and headed into the city for beer, food and local entertainment, which turned out to be Dave attempting to use an electric scooter.

We got up early, grabbed breakfast and were first to leave the hotel. The destination was the Nürburgring, and I was looking forward to seeing it in the flesh after ten years of driving it on computer games.

Red Bull Hanger 7

But why are there no images if the Red Bull Hanger 7 was so good? Red Bull kindly ask when you go in not to publish photos. I’m not too sure why, as it’s really photogenic, and let’s face it most people won’t get a chance to go.

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