Indie Chick

You take back all that you want,
You take back all that you need,
I don’t worry about my little girl,
When she’s with me.

Discounts + cheesy ball bearings,
Nightflights + Ealy weekends,
How can I tell you you’re different,
When you don’t listen to me.

Do I want you
Do I need you
Do I want you

Should I take myself away from here,
Should I leave and be vacant,
Don’t think you’re ever coming back,
I don’t want you near me.

Psycho stars all waiting for the top,
As for me, I’m patient yeah,
No time for thinking of my home
I want out from you as well.

Stupid boys in suped up motorcars
Road deaths skidding on your knees
I’ll find a better life than this
Oh god, Hey oh please
Billboard hoarding of teenage prodigies
Signed records for you & me
I want to join the police force
And become a hero PC.