Using Clouds to Help the Homeless

The tech ops guys were banging on about CloudFlare again, and I had no idea why. Did Cloudflare sponsor them? Surely it couldn't be that good, right? And anyway it would be super technical and a little bit out of reach for a mere Product Manager? While hurrying to the rain-swept car park after work, I [...]

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Context Switching in Programming

Ben Maffin People often talk about how interruptions disrupt their flow and the ability to produce good quality, consistent work. This is often viewed with a certain cynicism by commercial teams and individuals who aren't involved in the development process. They tend to view developers as machines which have an output, so moving [...]

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Live in 2 Days The MVP Conjecture

Getting a site up and running can take months or years for some companies. Can you do this quicker? What are the commercial advantages of speeding up the process and pushing to market in microtimes? Many old school project managers will look at a web based system and treat it like a house build; that [...]

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Technical Debt, What is It

Technical debt is often an overlooked element of development but has far reaching implications on profit, delivery and quality of a project. What is Technical Debt I've taken the definition for my technical debt from "The Art of Agile Development": "Technical Debt is the total amount of less-than-perfect design and implementation decisions in your project" How Technical [...]

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What Is Project Success

Like many questions in digital project management, this is a trickier to answer than most people initially think You'll find numerous answers, differing in complexity but most will take the form of "client satisfaction" or "making a profit". The term alone is simple but there's usually more complex elements at work in the most simplest of terminology. [...]

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