TVR Tour Pub2Pub Ben Coombs
August 2022

What is Pub2Pub?

I asked D for some more info on what we were letting ourselves in for and he pointed me in the direction of Ben Coombs Pub2Pub website. There, I had a bit of a click around and took in some of the notes. 1,800 miles. Okay, that’s quite far. Kehlsteinhaus, yeah I’ve heard of that. And photos of various sports cars, and even a castle. Looking good.

I decided to delve a little bit deeper and came across the book by Ben Coombs (see image). I figured that if anything it’ll give me an idea as to who Ben is and what he’s been up to car-wise.

It turned out that Ben is a marine surveyor turned TVR adventurer. His book chronicles his 27,000-mile trip from the world’s Northernmost bar to its most Southern, all in a green TVR called Kermit. So we were in good hands in terms of car and experience.

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