Shopify is one of those systems which, once you’ve got your head around is a really nice system to use. I’d been tasked with creating a new version of the Love Island shop for the big Summer of 2019 launch of LoveBurst cosmetics on the show – this involved me spinning up a prototype version of the site and getting all the test data in ready for the developers.

Love Island Shop on Mac Book Pro

I was lucky enough to have created a few Shopify shops before joining Monterosa, which meant I could coach the team on how to get the most out of it – it’s got some little quirks, like how the categories are named along with the numerous amazing plugins you can use.

Here’s a video of the Love Island shop with the new look Love Burst pages along with the highly functional makeup picker along with the new functionality to see your name on a bottle before you order it.

Love Island Shop in Shopify

And here’s the Love Island Shop in the app.

In App experience of Love Island Shop

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