Rali Mike Darowen Bro Ddyfi

Quick shot of the Rally Control from Dovey Valley Motor Club Rali Mike Darowen Bro Ddyfi. Rali Mike Darowen Bro Ddyfi is the Mike Darowen Rally. Taken quite early in the night I got there for the Marshalling and was one of the few people who got a parking space yay!

The event seemed well organised and the marshalling guys helped out with my query about the control board signing which I’d not encountered on the Powys Rally.

I’d say the only issue we had was finding the control point – the element marked on the map was a little ambiguous – one of the things Powys did was use a screenshot of Google maps so you could tell exactly where you were meant to be.

Most of the competitors were polite and thanked us for Marshalling, though the spectators who pitched up at 01:00h with a can of cheap larger and kids weren’t appreciated. Really, I’m not going to give you details – having seen a child being hit by a car once (when I had easy access to

Dovey Valley Feb 2018 Rali Mike Darowen_Bro_Ddyfi

Dovey Valley Feb 2018 Rali Mike Darowen_Bro_Ddyfi