I can’t take any screenshots from NOW TV as it has a fit if you try and do anything like that. So I’ve borrowed a photo from IMDB

Carey Mulligan looking like Cher Lloyd Promising Young Woman – photo from IMDB

Where to start with this film? I started to write this while I watched the flick which is never a good sign. I had to force myself to finish it before I committed, just in case I was going to do it a disservice.

Frankly, this is one of the worst bits of fiction I’ve seen, or maybe endured is a better word.

It’s odd how people who argue for equality usually end up abusing their position and creating this kind of trash.

I’m not sure Emerald Fennell has ever met a man, judging by the characters. I think it was the fourth minute whenCarey Mulligan simply stares at some bantering builders and they freeze, terrified of the woman over the street in office gear.

It was the hair that made me watch it –Carey Mulligan presumably chewing gum inPromising Young Woman

The storyline felt like it was written using Microsoft Paper Clip film writing wizard “It looks like you’re trying to write a film script, do you need some help”? Emerald should have avoided clicking “Yes” – which would have negated the awkward plot holes, complete lack of realistic contextual setting and the excruciating ‘twist’.

I’ve been trying to work out who would like this rubbish, then I read a review on IMDB:

“Promising Young Woman is a film that have a strong message and need to be appreciated for it boldness and stile.”

Sigh.Carey Mulligan – I remember you in Dr Who. What happened?

Promising Young Woman – best avoided. Check out some really good films on my film list in italics here and give this a miss.