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Pieds Dans L’eau in Bodinnick, next to the ferry in Fowey. One amazing house. Bought for 2.2 Million the original house was demolished and replaced by a new 5 bedroom dwelling on the same site (c.5,700ft2). HURLEY & CO did the Quantity Surveying for the site.

pieds dans l'eau Bodinnick Fowey

Pieds Dans L’eau has a masterful view over the River Fowey right next to the Fowey Ferry. I’ve photoshopped the above a little to remove some of the junk in the water and a bit of seating which was in the bottom left of the shot.

This is what you get when you’re good at sorting out finance for other people. Well done Mr and Mrs Harrison for such an amazing second home in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Life goals. Video by Experience Photography.

Here’s whatPieds Dans L’eau used to look like before the redevelopment.

Original House at Pieds Dans L'eau

I found this on onthemarket.com and it looks like it was from Knight Frank – you can download the full brochure here. I really like the original house atPieds Dans L’eau it fitted into the “Fowey” feel and the Cornish vibe, but… the new property is ultra modern-looking which I’m a fan of. If you travel down the river a little you will see Pencalenick which is owned by a Hong Kong corporation – also ultra-modern, not nearly as easy to find and has been on TV.

Video of Pieds Dans L’Eau Fowey

What can I say Pieds Dans L’eau needed all the attention here. I took the video when we’d hired out a little boat from the quayside and were travelling up and down the River Fowey.

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