The Orange McLaren 570S in Shrewsbury is a sight to behold. With it’s 3.8l turbo charged engine it not only looks the part, but it’s also very fast indeed. Here’s a video of the Orange Mclaren 570S Shrewsbury as I’m getting in it. The doors are on hydraulics so they’re not heavy at all to lift and don’t slam down.

Orange McLaren 570S Shrewsbury

Starting the McLaren 570S is a simple push-button affair, but it sounds the part. The interior somehow works even with the orange elements – mainly because it’s pretty sparse and uses a lot of carbon fibre. The 8-speed gearbox is flawless and you can either let the car do the heavy lifting by flooring it, or you can use the paddle shifts.

The McLaren 570S won the best car in 2016 – so it’s been around a while, but you’re unlikely to see many cars like it on the road. When you drive it children stop and wave and their parents simply stare.