Nets Cafe Burton

Nets Cafe Burton is situated on Denhall Lane in Little Neston. It looks like it was part of the old farm, which has been diversified to cater for the various people travelling about.

Nets Cafe Menu

The menu is pretty good, though not cheap. At £5.10p for a panini, you’re not going to get much change from 20 quid for two people to eat. The paninis are nice though, and there’s a selection to suit most tastes. The coffee is good, and there’s obviously ice cream and cakes for those who want a ‘treat’.

Nets Cafe Toilets

The toilets are free, relatively clean and have hot running water. They’re better than some I’ve seen in posher places, so kudos to the owners for making an effort. There’s also a disabled toilet.

Nets Cafe Parking

There is parking on-site, but it’s shameful able-bodied, middle-aged people drive there and don’t enjoy the short walk from the main road. Parking on the main road means you get a 200m pleasant stroll down the River Dee pathway (also shared with MAMILs) and experience the abundant wildlife.

If you’re offended by Middle-Aged Men in Lycra popping out of their gear, the whole area is best avoided. :-)

Nets Cafe Cycling

The great thing about Nets Cafe is that it’s on the Burton Marsh Greenway, which has virtually no traffic. As a cyclist, this does mean it can have a lot of people bumbling about, but you need to take the rough with the smooth. If you’re planning a cycle and need to stop for a coffee, do it earlier in the morning or later on when the crowds of older people and those with kids are doing something else.

Nets Cafe Dog Friendly

It looks like the cafe is largely dog friendly. They sell some sort of doggy ice cream and have water bowls for dogs – which are also used by the local sparrows for a drink.

Nets Cafe Seating

Nets Cafe has got seating inside for those days which are overcast and rainy when you just need to chill out inside. More importantly though the cafe has got outdoor seating, and there’s quite a lot of it. The seating outside consists of picnic tables and there’s even some picnic tables in an old barn, so you get the best of both worlds. In the summer it can get busy, so you might not get a table, worry not there’s plenty of grassy bits to sit on, and most people get takeaway drinks. There’s an adequate number of bins too at Nets Cafe so the place is pretty tidy even when busy.

Here’s a video of Nets Cafe Burton taken outside on one of the park benches at the front. There are some little visitors which are well worth keeping your eye out for.

Nets Cafe Burton Wildlife

And here’s another video of Nets Cafe. Here I’m sat on the tables outside near the hedge in the corner, and there are loads of little sparrows coming and going. So we start feeding them. Got quite a good shot using the slow-motion function of the iPhone.

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