Here I use Meguiars Gold Car Wash Car Detailing on the Audi. I got recommended Meguiars Gold Car Wash after I’d been using Autoglym for some time and wasn’t happy with it.

Meguiars Gold Car Wash isn’t really any more expensive than the alternatives. If you’re using it make sure you get yourself a decent application method (I use a Karcher foam jet nozzle). What’s just as important is how you clean off Meguiars Gold Car Wash.

You need to use a woolly car cleaning glove and a lot of buckets of cold water. Essetially after giving the car a good jet wash, apply Meguiars Gold Car Wash and then with one or two swipes of the woolly glove which has been dowsed in cold water, wipe from front to back (never in circles). You’ll go through a lot of buckets of water, but it’ll mitigate the chances of scratches from grit.