Liverpool Motorclub Track Day

I went to the Liverpool Motorclub track day at the Aintree Grand Prix circuit.

TVR T350 Aintree

Here’s a video of the TVR T350 at the Liverpool Motorclub Track Day in Aintree. I made a fantastic noise.

Escort Mk ii Rally Car Aintree

Managed to get some footage from the helmet (albeit wonky) of the Escort Mk ii RS2000 rally car we went around the track in.

Finding the Liverpool Motorclub Track Day

This was pretty easy – the instructions they’d given out were accurate. The road was closed when we got there but I think this was due to a running event. Got in no problem though.

The kid at the entrance to the Liverpool Motorclub Track Day was about 14, really friendly and pointed us in the right direction of parking.

Spectator Parking

Wasn’t the best as had to go over the grass to get there – luckily it hadn’t been raining. There weren’t many people spectating either so I initially thought I’d gone the wrong way. Managed to get out okay when we left