The Leatherman Multitool is a classic piece of kit akin to the Swiss Army knife I had as a child. I was asked if I could buy a Leatherman Multitool for someone for their birthday and they’re reasonably priced. But the name Leatherman Multitool got me thinking. Could I create a funny gift based on the name, so if someone who’d been living under a rock heard the term would they think it was a little “leather man” with a multitool attached to it?

Leatherman Multitool

In the end we created this cool Leatherman Multitool from a leather patch we bought on ebay and a couple of keychain based screwdrivers. I found a gents toilet sign on google, printed it and cut the leather out with some scissors.

The googly eyes came off something else, and the little buttons were from a nail varnish kit which I superglued on. We found a tool for adding in the metal bits on his arms and legs.

Needless to say when he opened the gift it took a couple of seconds to recognise what it was. We did also get him a Leatherman Multitool – just incase you wondered. :-)