Visited the Jeff Koons Exhibition 2019 at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. I’ve only ever seen Jeff Koon’s work briefly on TV adverts and I hadn’t realised at the time these are not made of plastic but are stainless steel.

In the flesh they are very impressive. I’m not sure if people are meant to buy them, or how he makes his money (I assume he takes a percentage of the profit from exhibitions). Either way they’re pretty cool.

Jeff Koons Artwork for Sale
Jeff Koons Artwork for Sale

There were some models of the artwork you could buy but at 30,000 quid they were a bit out of my spare change limit, so I went up to the very nice cafe on the roof and had a coffee instead.

Jeff Koons Venus at the Ashmolean Museum Oxford

I’d hoped to see the “Balloon Dog” but “Venus” was okay and it certainly showed the detail and perfection in the work. Was the Jeff Koons exhibition good value for money at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford? I’d say because it was my first time seeing the artwork it was probably worth it at about 15 quid. The booking process was a bit faulty – but it’s a good idea to minimise the number of people in the place at once. It’s hard enough getting photos anywhere let alone when a place is really busy.