Hyundai Driving Experience at the Nurburgring

Hyundai Experience


Not What it Seems the Hyundai Experience

September 2022

Someone had mentioned that you could hire a track taxi at the Nurburgring. It seemed a bit of an odd name, so I wasn’t entirely sure what it meant.

They explained that you could go around the Nurburgring in a car, and a professional driver would be doing all the hard work while you got to take home the kudos of having been on track. Now the misnomer has been explained I had a quick look online.

Google had shown you could hire a 911 for 350 quid, but the downside to that was only one of you could go around. The BMW M5 was up next for the same price but three of you could zoom about, but there were four of us. After orientating ourselves and heading to the line-up, J found a Hyundai Experience hut and asked them how much it cost. It was about 120 quid, but we had the same problem, the car had three passengers, and there were four of us.

We took straws as to who was missing out – it had been agreed that as we were in D’s cars, he got a seat, whatever the outcome. M drew the short straw.

We then decided it was a bit unfair to have everyone go but one, so we hired out both cars and split the cost.

Hyundai Driving Experience at the Nurburgring

I figured we’d be tootling around the track in these little Hyundai’s taking in the view. I said I didn’t mind going in the back of the car and let M in the front – I could still see out fine. Our driver, Hans (I’ve made up the name), hopped in and off we went to the starting barriers – which are essentially what you’d find on any car park exit.

As soon as the barrier went up, Hans floored the Hyundai and I was thrown into the back of the seat. I realised then this wasn’t a car your average granny would buy. This was enforced by Hans deftly picking off a £150,000 Porsche GT3 in the first 300 metres, a few M3s and M4s and various other powerful cars. He threw that Hyundai into every bend on a crowded track while casually chatting away about what he did in his spare time.

At times, in the wet the cars tyres struggled to find grip, especially so when Hans launched it over hills. There’s a corner on Forza, Breidscheid (the lowest section of the track) where you head down a hill and then do a sharp left, then head up a steep right (Ex-Mühle). What you don’t get on the Xbox, but do in the Hyundai is G-force during quick climbs forcing you back into your seat as the car powers up the incline. You can learn more about the corners of the Nurburgring from this link.

Richie and Rob after the Nurburgring TVR Tour

And then as if the last nine minutes of being thrown about hadn’t happened, you’re on the home straight, the Audi banner flying past and it’s all over. Hans drove us back to the start where we’d jumped in the car ten minutes before and we all got out of the cars with big grins on our faces.

Never did I think I’d consider swapping the Audi for a Hyundai, but they did a fantastic job with the i30n. The model Hans was piloting was ‘off the peg’; you can pick up at a Hyundai garage and it was running Hancock tyres. In the hands of Hans, its two-litre turbo engine and whatever internal electronic wizardry certainly made it stick to the corners and the money felt well spent. We’d been around the Nurburgring, fast and furious.

If you’d asked me if I’d have gone around the Nurburgring on my own before I’d jumped in the Hyundai I’d have said “yes sure”, but after seeing what the course is like for myself, and the speed and manner you can go around it I’m glad I didn’t.

I’d like to go around with a professional driver in the passenger seat maybe when it’s not so busy (and wet). Any mistakes you make on the track are going to be potentially catastrophic – given the complete lack of runoffs, and gravel pits. The arnco of the Nurburgring has claimed many a better driver’s ego.

All that said, Richie decided to take the Supercharged Chimera around with his passenger, Rob. Kudos to him. He spun it on the second attempt and lived to tell the tail.

But it was time to think about the sick Cerbera, and how exactly we were going to get home…

Hyundai N Taxi at Nurburgring

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