How to Pack for a TVR Tour

Sort of Packed for the TVR Tour

August 2022

Well, it’s the day to travel. And all I’ve managed to pack is the camera. I hired a 70-200mm f2.8 from Lenses for Hire. So that’s all safe and sound at least.

Everything else is ready and just needs to be stuffed into the bag. But what to take? I’ve assumed I’d need everything +1. Because we’re staying only one night in any given place, I’m not sure how we’ll be able to wash anything, so I’m taking a couple of gym t-shirts which should be hand washable and dryable in minimum time.

One of the items classed as essential (other than a passport) is a hi-vis jacket in case we break down. I also needed a smaller jacket than the Spray Way Gortex one I’ve had forever. R found a lightweight fluorescent one in Chester, reduced from 80 quid to 20. So I snapped that up. It fitted well, even with another coat underneath, and has that magic white stuff which glows. My thought was always been ‘what a prat’ to wear one, but given how hard it is to see anyone on a dark night when you’re driving, frankly, I’m happy for it if we break down and it’s raining.

I’ve asked in the group if anyone’s taking smart clothes / additional shoes and the response I got was “take a tux”. Maybe the idea is to dress up on the final night? I disregarded as I didn’t really have any space, and my gut feeling is my tux probably doesn’t fit anymore.

As we didn’t have time to do a luggage check, I’ve no idea how much junk the others are taking. On the plus side, the cars do have air conditioning, so if I go in shorts I can always put on the heating.

Shoes wise I ended up taking trusty Vans along with a pair of semi-smart shoes to wear with jeans. The only issue being is if my Vans get wet, it’s not really possible to wear smart shoes with shorts (or the walking trousers I’ve packed).

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