Here I’m going to put some thoughts down on How to Get 1st at Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale. This is the newish version of Modern Warfare where there are 100+ players split into squads (of now four) battling on one map to come first.

Coming 1st is no easy task in call of duty warzone

Work as a Team – Givers Gain

Lone wolves don’t usually last long in Modern Warfare Warzone. I’ve managed to get to 2nd place on my own, but it’s a hard slog and is largely down to luck.

From the start drop with your team, even though they may not be all that switched on and a bit dopey, keeping with them means they can help out during a contact. Sometimes you just need to go with the flow even when they’re not making much sense.

The best teams I have worked with have talked (actually talked) to each other. Suggesting routes e.g. “you take the left and I’ll take right”, “I’ll buy them back if you can cover me” etc.

“Drop” In the Right Place

If you’re squad leader try and avoid dropping the team in an area where there’s going to be lots of other teams popping down. This includes Warehouse and Boneyard (both great places to get kit). The most likely places people will drop are within the line of flight of the plane and within the first radius. Try and keep away from these areas initially (see Avoid Unnecessary Contact With Enemy Teams).

Tool Up

Your first port of call is increasing a few items from the supply crates and gear dotted about. Here they are in some semblance of order.

  1. Armour – you only get two of these. Try and find these. Getting shot uses these up. ALWAY remember to replace them as soon as possible.
  2. Heavy weapons – try and find an assault rifle. This will give you a massive advantage in any contact. Avoid long-range weapons initially. They’re not much good in close quarters.
  3. Ammo and the rest – grab relevant ammo and some form of grenades etc. Even if they’re not usually what you’d use something is better than nothing.
  4. Money – used to get useful things – like extra armour plates (see Gotcha Below), self revive kits and buying your team back.
  5. Field Upgrade – if they come up, grab them. They’re free. There’s one which is amazing (running silent etc) which is great for the end game and also a heavy-hitting round one which I love (remember not to shoot a few round then reload as it’ll go). One trick is to load this as soon as you get it – then you get to pick up another field upgrade.
Stopping Power – the best field upgrade

What to Buy?

This is the order I normally buy stuff – beware of buy station ambushes though. Scout the area or provide cover for teammates. It also looks like in the latest update there’s more cash lying about than previously which does encourage the spending on useful stuff.

  1. Armour plating. You can share if you have too many lying about. Just tag it. Someone will always need it.
  2. Self revive kits – expensive, but useful if your team members are busy while you’re bleeding out. Essential if you’re on your own.
  3. Buy teammates back – always good. You get XP points and have the advantage of having another person to get shot at rather than just you.

Use the Terrain

The terrain in Modern Warfare Warzone is amazing. It’s so varied from steep mountains and trees to dense sets of buildings. Use these to your advantage – when moving to a location make sure you try and keep any potential Line of Sight (LOS) to a minimum – if the enemy can’t see you, they probably can’t shoot you.

Go from building to building, use walls and trees and always pick a side of a geographical feature rather than using the top (then enemies both sides can take a pop at you).

It’s worth remembering that FMJ perk can go through most things, but if you’re well within the cover, then if they can’t see you they’re firing at where they think you are.

Avoid Unnecessary Contact With Enemy Teams

100% avoid “contact” (firefights) with other teams. They’re great fun, but you can let the gas and other teams whittle down the opposition for you.

Unless of course, you just wanna have a shoot out – but there’s a direct relationship between the number of contacts you have and the chance of you getting killed. There’s zero advantage to firefights to get to #1 position in the end game.

Smart Loadouts

Loadouts are the best thing about Modern Warfare. You get them normally twice in a match and they’re always placed as the gas is coming in to give some jeopardy.

Load up on these – remember you can have two main weapons. I got for both assault rifles with flip scopes.

The Best M4A1 Loadout on Call of Duty Warzone

You might fancy yourself as Chris Kyle, but the M4 has some excellent choices of ammo too from the 9mm rapid fire to the large bore (you only get 10 round of these). I’ve also gone for a cheeky under-barrel option for when things get fruity.

The Grau is my primary weapon at the moment. For your primary weapon fill out for 60 round mag. It never ends when you’re shooting the opposition when teammates are in a pickle.

Modern Warfare Warzone - Battle Royale Grau 5.56 Loadout
Modern Warfare Warzone – Battle Royale Grau 5.56 Loadout

Saying that – it does look like they’ve increased the different weapons you can get. There are a few assault rifles now with C clips (very large-capacity magazines).

More ammo than I thought was possible - c-clip assault weapons in Modern Warfare
More ammo than I thought was possible – c-clip assault weapons in Modern Warfare

Along with the grenade launcher – which lays waste to entire teams like something out of Terminator 2. If you find that, keep hold of it – it’s pure gold.

Grenade Launcher Modern Warfare
Grenade Launcher – Keep it, it makes you like Arnie

Also, consider what tactical and lethal extra’s you’re going to get. I find a smoke grenade to be the best, so if a firefight isn’t going my way (like when you’ve shot an enemy then you realise they still have a team around the corner) you can fire, pop a cloud of smoke and make a retreat.

I also use the molotov cocktail, it’s super close range and brilliant when you run out of rounds and need to finish the job. It also puts a bit of the map out of action – ideal for use in buildings when you’re withdrawing.

Loadouts often land near the gas front – to add a bit of pressure. Always go for them.

Fight Smart

When the gas is drawing in, use it to your advantage. It’ll finish off a certain percentage of players as it comes in and they get trapped. Keeping your back to the advancing gas almost ensures no one can sneak up on you. I’d not considered this until the team I was in used it to finish first (I’d always tried to work out where the middle of the final circles would be and then run there). A good tactic to come 2nd.

When picking battles generally, consider how many people you’ve got on your team.

It seems obvious but when you’ve got an enemy player in your sights it can be very tempting to have a pop, fail and then get murdered.

Modern Warfare - Final Circle
Modern Warfare – Final Circle

Modern Warfare Final Circle Top Tip

So I didn’t quite get 1st but one tip was to buy a mortar and as the circle is coming in and you can see the red dots on the mini-map pop the mortars there. It’ll wipe them out – much to their annoyance.

Modern Warfare Warzone
Modern Warfare Warzone