The Heta 45 Multi Fuel Stove is a neat looking wood burning stove from Heta. We spotted it in one of our local shops and it was the best looking wood burning stove out of all of them. The two things which drew me to the Heta 45 Multi Fuel Stove was the large glass window (so you can see the flames) and the nice action on the door handle. The latter might sound a bit rubbish as a reason, but try opening the stove doors before you buy; some are a lot easier than other. Also consider the hassle if the stove is on. Some stoves handles heat up a lot, but we’ve had no issues with the Heta 45 Multi Fuel Stove handle getting hot even when it’s been on for a couple of hours.

Here’s a video of us lighting the Heta 45.



The advice we got when lighting the Heta 45 was to use a firelighter and some chips with a log on top. Then keep the door open a little – this sucks in the air. The idea is to get airflow going up the chimney and being drawn over the fuel (removing waste).

When up to speed the Heta 45 is very clean, and any soot it burned off (including the glass). The Heta 45 Multi Fuel Stove has two airflows, one from the back and one from the top washing the glass. This works well. The firing chamber is made from mainly vermiculite (used in gardening) and it retains the heat for ages after the flames have gone down.

The only downside to the Heta 45 Multi Fuel Stove is the cost. It’s one of the more expensive wood burning stoves, but it looks modern and it easy to use and clean.