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Hash Brown Happiness

September 2022

I was awoken by the sound of spray cans rattling and being used somewhere just outside the hotel. My initial thought was someone having a go at Berlin wall-esque graffiti on the side of the hotel. I wandered bleary-eyed onto the balcony and into the cold, grey Nuremberg morning and squinted at where the noise was coming from.

The teens who had come into the hotel, late on the night before were in a cluster on the road opposite. But they weren’t by any walls. On one hand, they had an air of conspiracy about them, but they were in plain sight and had their competition tracksuits with Germany blazoned all over the back. An odd choice for tagging anywhere incognito. From my vantage point, they couldn’t see me, it was only when they pulled out the spray can again and started spraying one another heads that I realised it was hairspray.

It didn’t really click why they were doing that, and before I had a chance to think, J came back so I jumped in the shower while he devoured his black coffee and got ready for breakfast.

Usually, at stupid o’clock, in all the hotels we’d stayed in there were at most a handful of people in the restaurant. Here however it was packed. Whoever had prayed for 30 pretty girls to pitch up to the hotel had had their prayers answered. But we couldn’t work out what they doing.

All wearing black tracksuits and accompanied by an equal number of blokes, we’d originally assumed the night before they were a gym squad. But their physiques didn’t have the lean, muscular power of gymnasts or swimmers. It was a mystery until J asked one of the older people in the group. Ballroom dancers. The hairspray and the fact they all looked like clones now made sense.

I was impressed with J’s grasp of the German language to know the term Ballroom Dancer, but it turned out she told him in perfect English instead.

Other than the general buzz at breakfast caused by the mysterious coachload of tracksuited individuals, this hotel had hash browns. I didn’t know when I was going to eat next so I threw as many of these down my neck as possible.

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