Hyundai Driving Experience at the Nurburgring


Hyundai Experience

Green Hell Nordschleife

September 2022

To some the Nurburgring (or Nordschleife / North Loop) is just a de-restricted toll road, to others, it’s a pilgrimage; a visit to a track steeped in history and there to be conquered. Our journey home from the Eagles Nest meant we were in the vicinity of the track so we decided to head there not really being 100% sure what we’d find.

The North Loop measures 20.8 kilometres, has 73 corners, and 300 metres difference in elevation, and on rainy days I’ve given it a hammering on Forza. 90% of the time it defeats me in one way or another (usually resulting in me changing to the much more forgiving Franchochamps Spa).

After parking up, we let D know about the issue with the Cerbera, and he got to work having a look. J and D started her up, and we could hear she had an irregular heartbeat. As they revved the engine, a small crowd of onlookers wandered over to see the interesting British sportscar growling, and then without warning two-foot flames shot out the exhaust as a group of Asian fellas wandered around back nearly setting their trousers on fire.

I figured it might be worth letting D know this, so headed over and gave him the good news. He gave Ben a quick text, and we decided to wander to the track to see what was going on before doing anything else.

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