TVR Tour familiarisation session

Getting Familiar with the TVR T350 and the TVR Cerbera

August 2022

A TVR familiarisation event had been planned for the three of us who didn’t own them. It seemed like a good idea, I’d heard that TVRs can be quite specific in how they’re handled and looked after, but I didn’t quite realise how much.

After dealing with the fridge meltdown, I headed to D’s house and found M and J there, coffee in hand already going through the idiosyncracies of the T350 (Felicity) and the Cerbera (Big Suze).

D had the cars on the drive with the bonnets open and had put together a really useful list of “gotcha” points. I’ll include a link for this. The list was exactly what I’d been after, and went into detail about how the car worked and the resulting thing you had to do. A good example was the lack of synchro in reverse.

Having never heard of this, it was explained to me that I needed to put the car in fifth if I wanted to go into reverse. Not doing this would involve the car spitting gear teeth, which isn’t what we wanted. I also needed to remember they’re five-speed gearboxes, not like the 6 I’m used to in the Audi. Or the extra two gears I found when I was in the McLaren 570s.

Note: wearing cycling gear when running through how to use a TVR is optional.

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