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  • Ford Escort Mk ii Rally Car

Ford Escort MKii Rally Car

A quick look in around the Ford Escort Mkii Rally Car. The car’s set up for the road rallies which take place mainly in the middle of Wales… and almost certainly in the middle of the night. These events were not what I was expecting the first time I marshalled for one.

The rally cars spent most of their time in the pitch black twisty roads hence the additional fog lamps. The weather is usually appalling and the road surfaces I’ve experienced go from slick tarmac to bricks in the road. The Escort Mk ii Rally car has four-point seat belts, roll cage, amazing interior lights (you can see them lit up below) and barely enough room to fit the navigator. The rear of the car has been stripped out.

Inside the Rally Car At Night

As you can see the Ford Escort mkii Rally car has got some amazing internal lighting for map planning before the Rally begins.

Ford Escort Mkii Rally Car in North Wales

Ford Escort Mkii Rally Car

Track Day with the Ford Escort Mkii

Here’s a video of the Mk ii Escort in Liverpool. Taken with a GoPro Hero 7 attached to the windscreen.

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