Evolution Rage B 185mm Circular saw Review – so I bought this for circular saw for the princely sum of £30 as it was on offer at B&Q – they had about 5 they were getting rid of and I was looking for a circular saw to make a nucleus box beehive.

I’ve included a video below of me using the Evolution Rage B 185mm Circular Saw to cut through some test sheets of pine. Note: the excellent safety guard which not only means you probably won’t lose a piece of body but also if you pop it down on the floor and the blade’s still running it won’t scoot off down the path.

Having never used a circular saw before I was quite impressed with the features the Evolution Rage circular saw had on it. You can adjust the angle of the blade, the depth of the blade, attach a vacuum cleaner (to remove waste – of which there is a lot) and there’s also a parallel tool (though this wasn’t very parallel).

I didn’t realise the range of circular saws available in terms of blade size. This one is 185mm and comes with a blade (some do not). The blade itself is Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) they are replaceable at a reasonable price (similar to other blade costs on Amazon) from about £16. There’s also a variety of types – such as “diamond” ones for cutting through brick.

Using the Evolution Rage B 185mm Circular saw couldn’t be easier – just plug it in and go. Draw your line or align your jig, press the start button (there is a safety button you need to press) and off you go. I didn’t realise the blade was cutting into the wood I was using at first it was that sharp.

Ohh and yes this is corded. The cordless ones are a great idea on site and look cheap but they pull you in to buying their other tools as they don’t usually come with batteries – as I’m not professional and I’ll always be near a plug – this saved me a load of cash.

I’d recommend the Evolution Rage B 185mm Circular saw. I was unsure at first given the diversity of products on the market, but it’s a nice bit of a kit to have – and beats using a hand saw any time.