With a love of technology and photography, becoming an experienced drone pilot seemed the natural step. Below are a couple of example videos I’ve put together of fairly different subject matters.

The first one is Burley Hill Quarry. This is located in North Wales not far from Loggerheads. Tarmac who decommissioned the site wasn’t very helpful with giving me information about the site, but it’s well worth a visit. I do know it is a limestone quarry, it’a vast and has 200 million-year-old fossils dotted about.

The second is a quick video of a property in Cornwall, Kingbarth – which is rented out by Helpful Holidays. The property is stand alone and literally in the middle of nowhere. As any experienced drone pilot would do, I used the DJI point of interest function to create the flight path around Kingbarth.

Being a drone pilot is a great deal of fun, and offers a fantastic alternative perspective to many normal places and events. Half the fun is the planning and post production.