What is a Curly Wurly Ride?

A Curly Wurly ride was invented by me.. well it’s a ride which gives you maximum distance in terms of mileage ridden, with minimum distance from your starting point.

What Does A Curly Wurly Ride Consist of?

Curly Wurly rides are basically rides where you try and ride down every road in a given area at least once. This means you’re likely to cover a lot of ground in a very small radius.

Why Have a Curly Wurly Ride?

There’s a couple of advantages to Curly Wurly Rides.

1. You don’t have to travel far from home – if you need to get back for any reason it should take considerably less time than the usual loop ride.

2. If you’re in an urban area in the UK it’s likely the roads are very irregular with lots of junctions. Having to constantly stop and start is a great workout as you fight the inertia of the bike.

3. It’s a great way to get to know the area you live in. Many people live in a street and have never seen the street 2 minutes walk away. You’ll be surprised just how cool finding all these new roads are – especially if you’re nosey like me.

Why Are they Called Curly Wurly Rides?

If you use Strava or Garmin Connect you can plot your route. Looking at the route after completing a Curly Wurly Ride.. well it looks like the classic chocolate treat!