Front Clean Cerbra

Clean TVR Cerbera and TVR T350

August 2022

It’s been a busy couple of days. The cars have been cleaned by Platinum Detailing and are looking very shiny for the upcoming TVR Tour.

I’ve also had a chance to go through the itinerary again, look at the hotels we’ll be staying at, and pop these into the calendar so I don’t have to root through the PDFs to find out where we’re heading at the end of the day.

Ben sent over the itinerary in three PDFs. I found them a little hard to read, so I’ve struggled a bit with what we’re going to do. D asked to send over any ideas we wanted to I pulled together a list of the things which interested me (mainly the cars) and shared it with the group. No one else bothered, other than D saying he wanted to go to the Zeppelin museum.

Click here to see how I got on with packing.

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