When Rippleffect first moved from Pimcore to Drupal, I was leading one of the development teams in my role as head of project management. Always one to rise to a challenge we picked up Drupal and started to pick it apart. It soon became apparent that it was a compelling piece of software. At the […]


In the same way that Sitecore is my favourite paid for CMS, WordPress is absolutely my favourite open source product. It’s user interface is simplicity itself and anyone can install it. The biggest selling point has to be the wealth of plugins and themes meaning there’s almost certainly something out there which someone has already developed […]


Cloudflare is one of my favourite best-kept secrets for building websites. It’s value for money and it “just works”. By this I mean it sits firmly within the XOX method for delivery. It’s easy to pick up, has little technical debt (most of the features work out of the box) and produces an output which is superb. I […]