Cat Cafe Hoylake Set to be the Cat’s Meow!

Hoylake’s Newest Hotspot: Where Coffee Meets Kittens!

In the charming town of Hoylake, something extraordinary is brewing – and it’s not just coffee! Jackson’s Animal Rescue, famed for their heartwarming animal rescues since 2015, is unleashing their latest adventure: Cat Cafe Hoylake. This isn’t your average cafe; it’s a feline fantasyland, serving up a delightful mix of education, relaxation, and the fluffiest companions you could dream of!

Jacksons Cat Cafe Hoylake

From Hedgehogs to House Cats: The Evolution of Jackson’s Rescue

It all started with Steph Oliver’s passion for animals at Jackson’s Place in Mold, North Wales. Initially a safe haven for hedgehogs and wild rabbits, this rescue centre is now taking a giant leap – right into the heart of Hoylake! Steph, a wildlife warrior, has witnessed the staggering need for animal rescue services, saying it’s their busiest time ever, and their waiting list stretches a year long! But amidst this animal crisis, Cat Cafe Hoylake emerges as a beacon of hope.

Cat Cuddling: More Than Just Purrs

Last summer, the team trialed cat-cuddling sessions, which turned out to be a resounding success. “It’s more than just cuddles,” Steph explains. In short it’s about connecting hearts and paws for a cause. Many visitors sought comfort for mental health reasons or found solace in the company of cats, unable to adopt due to allergies at home. These sessions did wonders, not only for human spirits but also in promoting the ‘adopt, don’t shop’ mantra.

Hoylake Cat Cafe

Welcome to Cat Cafe Hoylake: A Sanctuary of Snuggles & Stories

Slated to open in March 2024 on Market Street, Cat Cafe Hoylake is more than just a spot for sipping coffee. It’s a sanctuary where every cat has a tale to tell, all rescued by Jackson’s Animal Rescue. Imagine lounging with a latte, surrounded by purring pals – each with their own rescue story. It’s a heartwarming experience that educates about the importance of adoption over buying.

Jacksons Cat Cafe Hoylake

A Menu of Meows and More

But wait, there’s more! Cat Cafe Hoylake plans to host an array of events: from quiet hours catering to those with sensory needs to educational sessions and quirky quiz nights. The goal is to be a hub of education and relaxation. And let’s not forget the menu – starting with coffee and cake, with dreams to expand to a full-fledged feast.

The Purrpose? More than Just Coffee

Cat Cafe Hoylake isn’t just about serving coffee; it’s about serving a cause. It’s a place where animal lovers can unite, learn, and potentially find a new furry family member. In a nutshell, Cat Cafe Hoylake is set to become Hoylake’s purr-fect hangout for both humans and cats alike. So, mark your calendars for March 2024 and get ready to experience the magic of meows and mochas! 46 Market Street, HoylakeWirral, CH47 2AF

Liverpool Cat Cafe

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