If you’re thinking of going to Jersey, you can use public transport if you want. You can also take your own car on the ferry – but a lot of people want to have the freedom of driving without the hassle of taking their own car. And this is where car hire comes in.

What are Jersey Roads Like?

I’ve been to Jersey a couple of times and the first thing you need to think about when hiring a car in Jersey is what are the roads like?

Here’s a quick video to see what it’s like driving around St Helier in Jersey.

As you can see they’re a variety of sizes but mainly quite small. You don’t need a big car. It’s also worth noting that no matter what car you bring over, it’s probably not going to be as nice as some of those already on the island. The M2 shown in the video above is a pretty popular car, as it’s fast smart and small – but there’s Lamborgini’s, Ferraris, Aston Martins and Mercedes AMG GT-Rs zooming about (especially in a Saturday).

What Car Should I Hire?

We hired a Fiesta – for some reason we got it in automatic which was fun. This was an ideal size for Jersey and as hire cars go a nice little runner. We hired it from Hertz but booked using booking.com as there was a significant offer. Always shop around and try and hire your car at least three weeks before you go. It does get very busy in the summer.

Car Hire Jersey Conclusion

In conclusion, hiring a car in Jersey is probably your best bet. Go for a small car like the Ford Fiesta below.

The roads are narrow and not very fast (but can be amazingly bendy). The parking is either free or about 90pence an hour at most places. I never failed to get a parking space where I wanted to park.