I’ve started to pull together a load of videos for Call of Duty Warzone tips and tricks. This is mainly the Modern Warfare Battle Royale Quads but it will apply to all the games pretty much on the same platform.

So let’s kick off the tips and tricks for playing Call of Duty Warzone.

Unleash Hell – Modern Warfare Warzone – Incendiary Tip

Incendiary Tip

When you’re in a tight space, rather than using regular bullets and explosives – try with thermite and incendiary. These work really well and confuse the hell out of the enemy. They also provide a degree of cover for you to nip out and aim up. Throw in some smoke and a little bit of covering fire and you really do get the fog of war, and enemies easily eliminated. The other advantage is while everything is burning, there’s no place for their team mates to try and revive them.

Modern Warfare Warzone Tactics Run Them Over – Vehicle Tip

Modern Warfare Warzone Tactics Check Your Six – Look Behind You – Tips

Always check the area for additional enemy – check your six

So you’ve sighted up and ready to rock and roll. Keep an eye out for the enemy team members who are wondering who just shot their mate and are looking out to get a easy hit – usually your back. As I found out here when I thought I’d been a smart arse.

Modern Warfare Warzone Tactics The Cover Up – Use Loadouts – Tips

Call of Duty Warzone – The Cover Up

Using the loadouts within Call of Duty Warzone is great when you pick them up. Some of them are really well thought out and great to use. Getting the Cover Up makes for a great start. Here I am using the thermal sight.