The TVR Team and Ben Coombs in the Devil's Diner, Nurburgring

The TVR Tour Team plus Ben Coombs

The Devils Diner, Nurburgring

Caffeine at the Devils Diner

September 2022

We decided that before any major technical reviews were going to take place, we’d ensure the team were fully fit and ready with caffeine. To that end we all headed over to the Devil’s Diner.

The Devil’s Diner is located at the start/finish of the public section of the Nurburgring. It’s probably best described as the hub of it. When we’d originally arrived it was absolutely crammed full, its small balconies staining under the sheer mass of excited motor enthusiasts car-spotting.

Luckily it had quietened down a bit, and we managed to get inside and find a table for us. By this time Ben Coombs had joined the party. I wandered to the bar and met the fiery gaze of the pint-sized barmaid, and in my best German ordered five coffees. She had been agitated by the previous customer, so I stood around quietly, while in the background crowds cheered and engines roared.

Thankfully she thawed and the stern look faded. I told her, her English was great while I was trying to work out where the milk was. Turns out she wasn’t English or German but Lithuanian. Not for the first time since being away I felt an incredible amount of shame at my lack of foreign language skills. I grabbed the coffees and headed over to the table to review our trip around the Nurburgring.

M’s lad had already priced up a second-hand Hyundai n30i on Autotrader back in England for us, and while the caffeine kicked in, and the coffee went down we decided it was probably time to head back to the Cerbera and see what we needed to do to get us to Belgium.

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