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  • Burley Hill Quarry

Burley Hill Quarry

Burley Hill in North Wales is home to a disused limestone quarry. Nature is slowly taking it over, but for now, it’s largely barren and has an otherworldly feel to it. Because it’s in a hill most of the sounds are deadened. But all is not still, birds fly in the massive crater, skimming over the blue mineral-filled lake. Rabbits graze on the grass. And 300 million-year-old fossiled brachiopods sit in the Carboniferous rocks, waiting to be found as the landslides happen from time to time.

All the shots were taken with DJI Inspire at the highest altitude approximately 400 ft. As an aide to scale, if you can spot where I’m standing you’ll get an idea as to how big the place is.

The water’s striking blue color is caused by the limestone rocks surrounding the quarry. The limestone leaches calcite crystals into the water, turning it’s color a bright turquoise.

Brachiopod Fossil

Brachiopod Fossil found at Burley Hill

This is a Brachiopod Fossil found at Burley Hill. There are loads of these just lying about. I’d avoid digging anywhere or searching close to the edge. As you can see it’s a dangerous place. It’s not going to win any awards, but it is amazing it’s been lying dead for 200 million years, and then unearthed by man excavating limestone.

Burley Hill Quarry Drone Shot

Here’s an aerial photo of Burley Hill Quarry from directly above the lake. It looks like another world, not a limestone mine in North Wales.

Burley Hill Quarry Drone Shot

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