Without a doubt, Bodnant Manor should be turned into an upscale hotel as they’ve done with Bodysgallen Hall. I’d love to project manage that change and oversee how the project comes together.

Turning Bodnant Hall into a hotel with a spa and swimming pool would attract the right sort of guests and allow the place some much-needed care attention. If managed correctly and the right marketing in place it could make an absolute fortune.

The National Trust should seriously consider making the Bodnant Hall and Manor into a hotel – it’s already got excellent road connections to the A470 and A55 – people would come from all over the world to stay in such an interesting place.

The video above shows how good the parking at Bodnant Hall is and how well kept the road which leads onto the A470 (Bodnant Road) would cope with traffic for people staying at the property. A pool and Spa could be provided along with a decent restaurant on site selling locally produced goods. This would seriously put North Wales and the area on the tourist map for good.