Another highly polished turd. You know a film is boring when it stars talents like Margot Robbie, and yet you sit through the ‘action’ sequences wondering about how IFRS16 works rather than watching the film.

I’m not a fan of Ewan Mcgregor, which doesn’t help. His performance would make Adam West laugh at his forced camping about the set. It wasn’t even jarring sitting next to the villain role, it was just laughable.

Cathy Yan continues to add fuel to the fantasy where sass is enough to flatten an opponent who weighs a good 6 stone more than you. As I think Andy McNabb said, “it hurts when you bang your head on a cupboard, it’s going to really hurt when a 16 stone punches you in the face”.

I’m afraid Christoper Nolan has destroyed pretty much every future comic book hero film, with the exception of “watchmen” and the first “iron man” film. All the others are just beige snoozefest.

Wait for the “Canary” bit near the end. If I rolled my eyes any further they would literally have fallen out of my head.

The only good two good things about this film were

1. I only paid a quid for a months worth of films (so it cost me about 10 pence) and

2. Margot Robbie’s twangy new york, coffee and bagel accent.

I’d throw in a screenshot of the tripe, but NOW TV doesn’t like users doing things. Then again, that’s probably for the best.