The first photo I remember taking which I was happy with was at Chester Zoo. It was with an old 110 camera and the sea lion had jumped out of the water. From that moment on I was hooked. The only issue though, back in the day was how cost-prohibitive photography was. Although still expensive, you don’t have to pay for every shot, nor do you then have to store those shots in boxes around the house.

Here’s a shot of Angel when we did a quick photoshoot in Bean Coffee in Chapel Street, Liverpool. This was just done with ambient light in the coffee shop with lots of people watching us.

Angel White Model
Beth Edited

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is really good fun. It’s hard, but it’s fun. As with almost all photography, preparation is the key and this includes listing out the shots you want to get.

While it may see that a couple of hours in a studio is a long time, I’ve found it to be nowhere near enough. There’s a period of time between shoots and rushing never really gets you anywhere. Better to take the time and get things right.

It’s also after the shoot when the work continues. You need to go through all the shots, back them up and then start sorting through the ones you want to edit.


Alas, I probably shouldn’t say it but this is one of my favourites. It’s Joe Collier of Vancraft Triumph 11 Triumph World 675cc Metzeler National Superstock 600 Championship in Oulton Park taking a tumble.

Luckily Joe was okay and got up after this crash. This area of the track is slow, but because of this a lot of mistakes are made here so it’s a good place to get this kind of shot.

What’s the best tip? Patience. It takes a lot of time sat waiting for this kind of shot, and everything starts to ache. Out of all the crashes I’ve seen it’s not what you see, it’s what you hear first that alerts you to the imminent great photo you’re going to take. Races have an auditory cadence, and when that cadence chances, better be ready on the trigger.

Joe Collier of Vancraft Triumph 11 Triumph World 675cc Metzeler National Superstock 600 Championship
Devil's Bridge Falls

Landscape Photography

This is one of the waterfalls at Devil’s Bridge Falls in mid-Wales. It’s a great example of a fun landscape photograph to take. It’s also high impact as this kind of shots aren’t usually doable on an iPhone which makes them relatively rare.

Quite a lot of effort goes into the long exposure shots, as you need to make sure you get a stable camera and then add on some extra bits of kit to be able to keep the shutter open. But the end result is it worth it, even if you need to deal with nearly 700 steep steps in the rain.

Generally, with landscape photography, you’re at the mercy of the elements, but while you may lose control in this aspect, you don’t have to rely on anyone else or set up a great deal of equipment; it balances out in the end.

Property Photography

These shots needed a bit more room to breathe as they are wide angle. You probably won’t appreciate them if you’re on mobile though. Also, both of these are HDRI images. Essentially a series of shots taken using different setting and then blended together. Doing this helps eliminate issues with areas which are under and over-exposed.

The one directly below was taken using a DJI drone.

Kingbarth HDRI
Cwtch Cottage Penuwch

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