Angel White, professional model - photoshoot in Bean Coffee, 20 Chapel Street

Angel White, professional model – photoshoot in Bean Coffee, 20 Chapel Street

Rather than post a clichéd picture of myself holding a camera infront of a mirror you can see a selection of my photography on Flickr here – check out

I’d like to say I’ve got a style, but it’s still developing. I’m most experienced in motorsport photography (mainly at Oulton Park), but have started to get more exposure (no pun intended) with studio shoots involing models such as Cath Faza.

Sports photography generally has three components.

1. technical (camera setup)

2. location (where you are)

3. The action – getting that shot.

The third one relies heavily on Claude Bernard’s quote “fortune favours the prepared mind”. If you set everything up right you’ll get the right shot if it happens, if you don’t you’ll miss it.

With studio photography that serendipity (which can be both frustrating and a comfort) is lost. The action needs to come from the model and the model needs directing and that’s the challenging bit for me. Most other types of photography is pretty much a lone event, with you, the camera and the scenery – all you have to do is concentrate on the thing in-front of you and the technical elements of the camera.

When you’ve got a model standing waiting for instructions the situation becomes a lot more complicated. Now, not only do you need to worry about the location and technical elements you also need to think about the person who’s standing there. A person who can get bored if you’re looking at the pictures you’ve taken or might not even speak the same language as you.

There’s two ways of getting around this in the first instance. First off use an experienced professional model. They’ll pull all the moves while you get used to new equipment. The next way is to have a person helping – but make sure you’re prepared. Know what you want before you get into the studio. Every second is going to be costing you money.

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