Bee Swarm Removal Wirral

Here’s what a swarm of bees looks like when it’s in your garden. The noise is pretty terrifying right? But this is normally when I’ve found bees to be most docile. They’re full of honey and trying to find the queen – generally, the last thing on their minds is attacking people.

That being said, removing a swarm of bees is pretty simple but you need to make sure they’ve landed. You can’t catch them while they’re in the air. Wait until they’ve landed and have been there for at least half an hour to have calmed down. They will form a ball of bees as below:

Bee Swarm Removal Wirral Conclusion

Once they’re all in one place this is the time to remove them. The following video shows me removing a swarm of bees from a pear tree on the Wirral, Merseyside. It’s pretty simple to do and there’s no specialist equipment needed with the exception of a bee suit (unless the swarm is in an odd place).