Digital Currency: The Next Fintech Challenge?

With the likes of Dorthy Perkins and Topshop on the brink of collapse, what can governments do to stimulate spending in the areas which need it the most? One country may have already found the solution. Having a considerable percentage of the population (800 million) already using cashless payments (annually breaching the $500 trillion threshold), […]

5 Tips for Setting up Remote Agile Teams

During the recent Maxwell Bond Webinar (kindly organised by Riana Butler) on “Agile Project Delivery” I sat as a panellist. There was an impressive turnout and some outstanding questions posed by the attendees. One of the queries revolved around any “gotchas” for setting up agile teams remotely. This piqued my interested as agile and remote […]

The Grand Bore

The room erupted in laughter when my colleague accidentally had a double typo in a sprint meeting and wrote “twat” instead of “test”… “I blame the ergonomic keyboard”, was her response. At least the team were paying attention to what she was writing and not mindlessly looking at Instagram on their phones. Worryingly though, none […]

iOS and Android

I’ve been lucky enough to deliver around 5 #1 Apps all of which had their own challenges and quirks. While it feels like websites and apps are homogeneous they are quite different breeds apart in many respects. For a start you’ve got the iOS and Android element – both need to be catered for. Though […]


Shopify is one of those systems which, once you’ve got your head around is a really nice system to use. I’d been tasked with creating a new version of the Love Island shop for the big Summer of 2019 launch of LoveBurst cosmetics on the show – this involved me spinning up a prototype version […]