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  • Aldermore Bank Buy to Let Calculator

Aldermore Bank Buy to Let Calculator

Founded in 2009, Aldermore Bank is a retail bank which provides financial services to small and medium-sized businesses. The Buy to Let Calculator work came after a much larger development for the entire web estate built in Umbraco but as a discreet case study, it works well.

The Aldermore Bank Buy to Let Calculator was designed to allow landlords and intermediaries to calculate Buy to Let loans using a simple
two-step calculator.

The Business Case for the project was to:

  • Increase buy to let mortgage applications;
  • Increase click through to product pages from page(s) from calculators;
  • Reduce complaints and enquiries;
  • Improved SEO performance, as calculators are a high search term.

Aldermore Bank was one of Rippleffect’s first fully agile clients and provided a member of their team to act as a product owner who was embedded in the team. This allowed the project to be ran using Scrum principles, with a Product Owner on hand to help with backlog grooming and various ceremonies.

This meant that the client was always 100% up to date with what was going on with the project and allowed them to quickly act when looking at the priority of work we were undertaking, or help clarify any functional areas which came up.

As a Scrum Master, this took the pressure off me to focus on getting the team to deliver a high-quality product and it stopped the developers and testers from trying to second guess what the functionality was by relying on heavy documentation.

All functionality was written as simple user stories so the client and the team could easily understand what was expected. Technical additions were made the tickets in JIRA for any API endpoints etc along with acceptance criteria (for the testers). Holistically the tickets were separated into high-level Epics e.g. compliance, end-user, admin user, tracking etc. For example “As a user, I should be shown the maximum amount I can borrow”

The project was delivered on time and to budget and completely removed the ‘ta-dah’ moment, as during sprint review the Product Owner could see a finished iteration and feedback any issues (or make changes to the backlog) every two weeks.

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