AI Artworks and Pictures

I’ve been exploring Artificial Intelligence. It’s been quite a learning curve for both of us. But it’s an incredible tool for creating images. I’ve included a note below with each.

Porsche 911 Lauterbrunnen

Porsche 911 Lauterbrunnen

Here, I was trying to capture the mountains and sense of outdoors which Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. And throw in a classic car as the main object. I’d really like to head to Lauterbrunnen in a Porsche 911 in a go from place to place.

Gold R32 Chamonix AI Image

Golf R32 Chamonix

One of the VW Golf R32. Similar to the Porsche 911 concept using a highly stylised manga / comic book style element. Focussing here on the mountains and angry clouds all during a sunset.