The T350 Asleep

Getting Familiar with the TVR T350

September 2022

Of all the potential issues I had going through my head about taking out the T350, not being able to get it out of the garage had not been one of them. D had kindly offered to let me drive the car ahead of the TVR Tour. I wanted to better acquaint myself with the car I’d now named Felicity. I felt it was probably prudent, given how far we were driving and the fact we were going to be travelling most of the way on the wrong side of the road.

Having passed through several layers of security to get to the garage, D had kindly drawn a diagram on how to access the car. It involved lifting things up and moving stuff about. In the end, we called him up nearly 9,000km away and got him to run through the process of getting the car out.

In the end, it was very simple, and we’d not spotted the second set of bungees we needed to secure the garage flap up. Once we’d done that, Felicity sleepily peeked out of her house, almost blinking in the mid-afternoon sun – like a student not used to getting up before 3 pm.

Coaxing her out of the garage, all went fine, and with a little help from R, I even managed to get the car out of the drive and ready for the drive ahead.

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