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Using Clouds to Help the Homeless

The tech ops guys were banging on about CloudFlare again, and I had no idea why. Did Cloudflare sponsor them? Surely it couldn’t be that good, right? And anyway it would be super technical and a little bit out of reach for a mere Product Manager? While hurrying to the rain swept carpark after work, I […]

Digital Disappointment

Frustration increased as my colleague prodded her greasy index finger on my Macbook Pro’s screen and tried to swipe the web page we were looking at to the right. “It’s not a touchscreen”, I pointed out. The look of surprise and bewilderment which crossed her face made a couple of neurons fire in my agitated […]

When Zero Talent Counts

Getting a highly qualified candidate with the most in-depth knowledge about your company’s chosen technology is the most valuable potential employee right? From experience, this turns out not to be true. When I first started my own business, I got two valuable lessons by the Marketing whizz Felix Clarke and the POS guru Graham Atherton: […]

Grammarly and Linkedin, a Perfect Partnership?

This weekend I was told by a beautiful girl in a library how to bring my “A” game when writing Linkedin articles. Or at least I was watching her on a YouTube advert promoting Grammarly – “The World’s Most Accurate Online Grammar Checker” (from their meta description). With Microsoft’s Word having dominated the writing sphere […]

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