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Digital Currency: The Next Fintech Challenge?

With the likes of Dorthy Perkins and Topshop on the brink of collapse, what can governments do to stimulate spending in the areas which need it the most? One country may have already found the solution. Having a considerable percentage of the population (800 million) already using cashless payments (annually breaching the $500 trillion threshold), […]

Raspberry Pi Hedgehog Camera

Lockdown 1.0 was a golden opportunity to learn some new skills, move out of comfort zones and into new realms of personal projects. Hedgehogs are the first thing which springs to mind, right? Maybe not, but I decided to set up a Raspberry Pi to capture if the hedgehogs we’d rescued were getting the hedgehog […]

Making Meetings More Manageable

“Never ask a question you didn’t know the answer too”. The first rule I was taught in advocacy at law school.  Sometimes it can be one of the biggest allies in getting through meetings, a fact championed by my colleague Jamie Griffiths when we were delivering the incredible Enterprise Product, “Playmaker” at Reading Room. As […]

5 Tips for Setting up Remote Agile Teams

During the recent Maxwell Bond Webinar (kindly organised by Riana Butler) on “Agile Project Delivery” I sat as a panellist. There was an impressive turnout and some outstanding questions posed by the attendees. One of the queries revolved around any “gotchas” for setting up agile teams remotely. This piqued my interested as agile and remote […]